About Us

Cosmos Films was born under a benevolent star. It originated by a destined meeting between two comets, one blown in by the warm, Andalusian winds and the other extracted from Italian roots. Both were pulled in by a common passion. Having barely finished their production training at L’inis, Rocio and Giacomo join forces and decide to unite their unique talents to launch their production hub to support under represented creators worldwide who strive for equality and inclusion. Their purpose:dare to produce disruptive and ambitious projects that go beyond standard narratives.

Dazzling, relentless, fanatical and passionate, they draw from their Cosmos a nectar rooted from a mighty and evocative imagination that fuel new projects ranging from feature and short films, documentaries, animations, or web series.

rocĂ­o barba fuentes.

+1 514 567 1924

giacomo nudi.

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